Monday, 23 January 2012


Description of poem
-definition of judgement- The capacity to form an opinion by distinguishing and evaluating
I wrote this poem to raise a issue that I know affected me and may affect others. Judgement of people is a way of the world and I understand that forming judgement about the people around is natural as we all form opinions on people sometimes without even knowing them. I believe there is a thin line in which judgement of others or forming an opinion of someone can become diminishing to their character in a negative way, such as how they look or personal decision they have made for themselves but it’s pointless to expect that people don't make judgement like these all the time. However I feel that line is crossed when people feel they have the right to inexplicable place judgement or label others by telling them, or enforcing your opinion on them unnecessarily (e.g ghetto, chav, ugly, stupid while you aren’t god nothing can make you qualified enough to past these judgements on other and if you think you are perhaps you want take a look at yourself and ask yourself  WHAT OTHERS MUST THINK OF YOU). for a while I allowed others judgement of me to effected in such a way that I try to change myself to please others but I soon realised  those people don't have the right to impose their view on me and I hope this poem demonstrates that.

Judgement seem to be such a human trait 
But humans are imperfect creatures 
So should we be excused for placing our negative thoughts and judgement on anyone we choose? 
Perhaps insecure with ourselves 
Were always on the attack 
Shooting out opinions as if they are facts 
Starring eye they’re glaring 
Glaring eyes they’re starring 
Look around, 
Now they’re judging me 
Now won’t you tell me what your judging eyes see? 
Yet your perception could cross as deception 
Deluded in your beliefs 
You have past them on, 
Now your judgement becomes my judgement of me 
Your imperfect self 
Somehow expects perfection in everyone else 
In your own way you stand and play god 
But you’re at a lost, and you must play the fool to 
Because there is a real god and he will be judging you to 
be careful with your judgements, because judgement day will come 
And those judging eyes will be judging you to 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Who Am I?

Description of this poem?
when writing this poem I took the opportunity to ask myself the question who am I? at a time in my life where I was beginning to understand  about world and people around me. This gave me the chance to reflect on what makes me the person I am and to think about the person I was becoming and the person I would intend to become.  i believe if these two things match then that is healthy foundation to start to build the bricks that make  me the person i want to be. It is important for us as people to assess the world and people around us but to also take the time to evaluate and understand the person we are.
Someone one once asked me, who am I?
I turned to them and I replied
I'm just me, that's all I can be
Now I know that isn’t true
Take a look in the mirror, whose looking back at you,
I saw a beautiful courageous young lady, a little unsure, a little confused
But ask me who am I?
And I’ll be sure to tell you,
I'm whoever I want to be
I have my own dreams, I make my own destiny
Who am I?
I'm still finding out
Who am I?
that's something you ought to think about
Who am I?
Who are you?